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Player Reviews

On this page you can read user reviews about our project.
We are very glad to each feedback, please write them as detailed as possible, describe
the pros and cons of the project, your wishes for its further work.
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Abdul2550 17.02.2024 в 16:19

I can't withdraw please help me

neolev69 12.02.2024 в 11:28

Зарегистрировался, Вложил 5$ выплата сегодня. Придерживаюсь лимита 0 30$ получена на паеер.

Lexana 11.02.2024 в 15:03

Why can't I withdraw my money?

Lotfi1999 29.01.2024 в 20:02

I can't withdraw what's the problem please

Mnasir 25.01.2024 в 09:18

Good site but confusion in it alot payment method to confusion and help us please

cryptobankz 17.01.2024 в 20:36

Why my payment failed I can't withdraw my funds only 0.2$ is what I can withdraw WTF

SyMpLe_6974 25.12.2023 в 14:50

Payment failed! May I know why? And why I can't withdraw more then 1$, I deposited more then 20$ ?!?!

karenmar08 15.12.2023 в 21:01

Tengo un saldo de $32 y no puedo retirar ¿por que?

cemile0011 19.11.2023 в 23:01

ben sızı sevdim. prokram harika

murep22 10.11.2023 в 00:04

اودعت 1$لايقبل السحب